Wanted: baclofen prescribers across the world – can you help?

I’m getting plenty of emails from the website from people round the world asking if there are any experienced or at least willing prescribers in their country.

I’m keen to gather information from site visitors so more people can find a prescriber.
This type of information is well developed in France via one of the patient organisations so that anyone can find a baclofen prescriber nearby if their own GP is not willing.

I have some leads in Australia – good ones in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, some tentative ones in Brisbane and Adelaide.
I’ll put details about my good leads in a future blog or just email me if you need the information now.

Really keen to find prescribers in New Zealand, the UK and the USA especially as I get lots of enquiries from these countries.


  1. Em

    Thank you for this website, This drug is truly remarkable in so many ways, as you have laid out here. Do you need any connections in Canada? I was prescribed baclofen, specifically in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Would it be helpful perhaps to ask those who have been prescribed this wonder drug, to list the name of the prescribing physician?

    1. Amanda

      Hi Em,
      Ultimately I would like to have a list of prescribers in various places around the world but it would be very unfair of me to simply publish the names of these doctors without their permission. So there would be a bit of a process to go through.
      Could you send me the name of your prescriber so I can give it to individuals who ask and who are reasonably close to Winnipeg? I think I have someone who asked about a baclofen prescriber in non-french speaking Canada a few months ago.

      Actually ultimately I would really like there to be so many baclofen prescribers that there was no need for any sort of list but that will take a while. In a future blog, I’ll be encouraging people treated with baclofen to tell their story for the benefit of others who are considering it so I hope you’ll contribute.

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