Getting it out there: teaching baclofen use

Getting it out there: teaching baclofen use:

The best way to make baclofen treatment for alcoholism more available is to make information and teaching about it readily available to any interested doctors.

This website is a start, providing a range of information and practical tools. The feedback from readers will improve the site so that it responds better to the needs of doctors and interested others.

The primary aim is to assist GPs as they collectively see more alcoholic patients that any other doctor group. I also think GPs are best able to deliver the holistic care which these patients need. It’s not just about baclofen.

Teaching seminars:

According to demand,  any of these can be organised on request via the enquiry boxes below:

At RPH – in small or large group format.

At GP education facilities such as RACGP and WAPHA.

At General Practices – for 5 or more GPs.

Upcoming Talks:

GP16: in Perth

Friday 29th September at 16.30: Session C1, ID056.

Finally! Effective Treatment For Alcoholism And Problem Drinking In General  Practice With Baclofen, An Old Drug With A New Use.

Participation in panel discussion Thursday 28th SeptemberALM02: Medical symposium: Controversies in general practice  (ALM02): 08.30-16.30: I’ll be participating in “Develop an approach to inquire about the presence of features of alcohol dependence and alcohol-related harm.”