A Baclofen prescribing GP in Perth – our first!

Dr Peter Connor at Cambridge Clinic has put his hand up to be the first baclofen prescribing GP named on our website. He’s a GP with a particular interest in Addiction Medicine and happy to see patients seeking baclofen treatment for alcohol problems. Contact the Cambridge Clinic, 1/6 Abbotsford Street, West Leederville, telephone 9388 2005 for an appointment.


  1. Michelle Blogna

    Hello, I am wondering if you prescribe Baclofen for meth’ addiction, also. I have read and heard about the positive outcomes and looking for treatment ideas for a client.

    1. Amanda

      HI Michelle,
      My apologies for the very delayed reply. Baclofen can be used for meth addiction. I have not personally prescribed it but have information from a couple of doctors who do and I will be embarking on a study for this in 2017. The principals of baclofen treatment when used for meth addictions are exactly the same – the dose is titrated for each patient as there is no fixed dose which works. There are some differences- firstly the dose needed for meth is usually higher than that needed for alcohol – this has been observed in patients with both alcohol and meth addictions. The second is that meth is so pleasurable that the motivation to stop using is much less. It is really only when the person has stopped “having fun” with meth, that they want to stop. This is important because baclofen doesn’t make people stop using the addictive substance, it gives them a choice.
      If you are looking for someone in Perth to treat meth addiction with baclofen, Peter Connor or his colleague Graeme Luke would no doubt do so. If your client is not in Perth, I can look for someone elsewhere who could try. In sydney, Mark Hardy is a “baclofriendly” addiction specialist.
      All the best

    2. Denise

      Hi Amanda, my daughter is a severe alcoholic. She recently persuaded a doctor to prescribe her with a few Baclofen to try them and she was also given a referral to an AOD service in Darwin. The problem is the Dr there does not appear to be aware of the need for high dosages of Baclofen so she is only prescribed 60mg per day. My daughter has found that if she takes 120mg there is some benefit and wishes to take more to obtain the full effect, but she has not been able to locate a doctor willing to follow the prescribing protocol that you use and which works. I’m afraid that she is going to go through withdrawal soon as the doctor is aware she is taking more tablets than prescribed and may refuse to prescribe them again. Do you know of any doctor in Darwin who will treat her or someone in Perth or elsewhere, who could see her initially and then follow-up with appointments on Skype? Thank you for any advice you can offer.

      1. Jarred flynn

        Hi Denise doctor graham Luke in Perth prescribes baclofen I have been on it for years with naltrexone for severe alcohol use he is a very caring and helpfull doctor when comes to alcohol illness which I was battling over 10yrs and he has helped alot

  2. Andrea Capri

    Dear Dr Stafford
    I have only recently found out about you on the net and after reading Dr Olivier Ameisins’ book.
    I realised that I have been alcohol dependent for 53 years, not to the severity of Dr Ameisen, but drinking to excess and not really knowing why. I have suffered from anxiety, especially social anxiety, since my teens and it just all clicked into place reading the book. I actually understood recently that I drank to relieve my anxiety and I told my daughters but I did not know how to stop it. I tried AA on and off for 6 years but came to the conclusion that it is a dangerous “fellowship”. I have never been really truthful to my Doctors over the years because of shame, actually it is only since reading Dr Ameisens book with his brutal honesty that I now feel I can be brutally honest as well. To find your website and see your videos with you talking in such a calm and knowledgable way about Baclofen has made me actually cry. I feel quite overwhelmed that at last there is some help. I am going to my GP on Monday and I feel very anxious that she won’t prescribe Baclofen for me. She has prescribed Campral but it has not worked for me. I just want to thank you with all my heart that you are doing such wonderful work for such a maligned group as ourselves. Wish me luck. I wish I lived in Perth. I live in Brisbane Qld. Do you know of any Doctor treating with Baclofen here? Regards Andrea Capri.

    1. Amanda

      HI Andrea,
      Thank you for your kind words and I’m glad that my site has been able to help you.
      There are some baclofen prescribing doctors in your corner of Australia. The best known is addiction specialist Dr Christian Rowan. He does clinics at a couple of GP clinics in Brisbane. If you google his name, you’ll be able to find the closest place to see him.
      All the best

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