Baclofen studies released in Berlin – the detailed version

My analysis of the four baclofen in alcoholism studies released in Berlin on Saturday last is up on the site (link). It will be a “chunky” read for some but hopefully I have brought out the essentials of these four very different studies.
Happy to answer questions via the Contact section.
I’m hoping to get a copy of the slides used in the Bacloville presentation and get them up on the website soon.
On the 17th of september there is a day long meeting of the big European baclofen prescribers and researchers at the Salpetriere Hospital in Paris. I have a speaking spot on the day to explain “initiatives from overseas”. I think they mean my website!
A big thank you to all my patients for teaching me how to treat with baclofen. You’ve given me the knowledge and experience I need to be able to teach other doctors and get baclofen treatment out to more people in need.


  1. Dr Roger Thomas

    I have been using high dose baclofen for about 2 years now . I have been amazed at how effective and well tolerated it is . These studies support what I have witnessed treating individual patients .

    1. Amanda

      Hi Roger,
      Glad to hear from a fellow Baclophile. How did you become interested in treating with baclofen?
      Where are you practising? I get requests from people looking for a baclofriendly doctor so always looking for experienced prescribers.
      All the best

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