Hot off the Press: The new Baclofen Prescribing Guide 2017

This is the new guide to baclofen treatment for alcohol addiction 2017 Prescribing Guide, updating the previous 2012 version. It has been written by french prescribers and patient experts, drawing on nearly a decade of experience. My contribution was to translate the french into english for this publication. It’s as hot off the press as it can be- just out today!


  1. Paul

    where is the new guide to baclofen treatment for alcohol addiction ?

    I am very interested in this treatment, long time drinker and a AA drop out!

    I am a functioning drinker who is losing hope, I truly hope this could help!

    Do you know any doctors in CA (USA) that will prescribe this drug for alcohol dependence?

  2. Zach Justin

    Hi Amanda, it’s Zach justin.. I met your last year or earlier, after pancreatitis. All is well last year was the best fo not drinking.. still on 100mg baclofen… hope you’re well.. when are you going let me drive car…??

    1. Amanda

      Hi Zach,
      Sorry about the late reply but it’s good to hear from you! I’m doing fine and it sounds good for you too.
      About the cars – they are all a bit sick at present so despite having 3 cars, none of them are fully operational! Very first world problem.
      All the best

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