Hot off the Press: The new Baclofen Prescribing Guide 2017

This is the new guide to baclofen treatment for alcohol addiction 2017 Prescribing Guide, updating the previous 2012 version. It has been written by french prescribers and patient experts, drawing on nearly a decade of experience. My contribution was to translate the french into english for this publication. It’s as hot off the press as it can be- just out today!


  1. Paul

    where is the new guide to baclofen treatment for alcohol addiction ?

    I am very interested in this treatment, long time drinker and a AA drop out!

    I am a functioning drinker who is losing hope, I truly hope this could help!

    Do you know any doctors in CA (USA) that will prescribe this drug for alcohol dependence?

      1. Paul

        Hi Amanda,

        I tried to contact this Monica Koch regarding baclofen for relieving alcohol dependence & so far not much luck.

        Would you possibly know of any others anywhere who may be able to help me find a doctor in my area (Long Beach, CA) that may be willing to work with me on this.

        I have very strong hopes this works being I am getting prescribed baclofen just not for this so my doses are very limited.

        I did go for trying the recommend doses to try it out and it very much appeared to be working however I ran out and was unable to get my prescription refilled for over a week from my last dose & unfortunately I had to go through withdraws from the high dose I was at and it was pretty bad, mostly mentally.

        Anyway I’ve been at this for several years and I find it very sad that there’s something that potentially works to actually proven to work yet unavailable, so sad..

        If you have any help or suggestions I would very much appreciate this!

        Happy New Year and I hope your Christmas was wonderful..

        Paul Burdick

  2. Zach Justin

    Hi Amanda, it’s Zach justin.. I met your last year or earlier, after pancreatitis. All is well last year was the best fo not drinking.. still on 100mg baclofen… hope you’re well.. when are you going let me drive car…??

    1. Amanda

      Hi Zach,
      Sorry about the late reply but it’s good to hear from you! I’m doing fine and it sounds good for you too.
      About the cars – they are all a bit sick at present so despite having 3 cars, none of them are fully operational! Very first world problem.
      All the best

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I’m the person in California who sees Dr. Koch. I wouldn’t say she is happy to prescribe baclofen, but she is willing to let me take up to 80mg. I would like to take 100 mg, but I’m doubtful she will increase the dose.
    It seems American Doctors don’t believe there is enough research to back-up the use of baclofen. However, I know my body and how I feel, and I believe it has helped me when nothing else has in the past. I don’t think there is much research, or clinical trials happening in the USA. Perhaps, probably, it is a matter of money and pharmaceutical companies.
    I have had no negative side effects. It is a matter of saving lives.
    I thank Dr. Koch, but I am disappointed in the American Medical Profession for not accepting the research of other countries and prescribing baclofen when appropriate.

    1. Amanda

      Hi Valeris,
      Thank you for contacting me. There is indeed a lot of reluctance amongst doctors to prescribe baclofen and it’s usual that really revolutionary ideas take time to be accepted by the very conservative medical profession. And yes, you’re correct that lack of money and big pharma play a big role in there being so little research out there. However every patient who is on baclofen and does well is helping to change opinion. The only way that people other than baclofen treated patients understand how effective baclofen is by being in contact with them and seeing how they are helped. There are certainly GPs in Perth who have taken over patients I treated and, although initially very skeptical, are now happy to prescribe baclofen to them. It’s frustratingly slow.
      All the best

  4. rigo

    I am taking this medication regularly by the last two years (30 mg a day) and after 25 years of heavy drinking I can feel some peace of mind. Thank you very much for your work. You are a blessed person.

    1. rigo

      Hi Valerie, No, I haven’t never taken larger doses. I started and maintain the 30 mg day dose and after some time and some relapses trying social drinking I decided for total abstinence. I am 8 months on zero alcohol and it’s not new for me. Sometimes in past I’d been abstinent from alcohol for more than 2 years. The difference now is that I no longer feel the cravings that I felt in past years. Baclofen greatly reduces the anxiety that I consider a central factor in my alcoholism. I’m Brazilian and I live in Brazil and for this I ask you apologize me for my bad english and wish you so much health and peace.

  5. Rigo, I totally agree with the issue of anxiety as a main contributor to my alcohol consumption. I just wanted to feel “normal” and alcohol helped, until it didn’t!
    Prior to Baclofen, I had periods is abstinence, but it was difficult. I have been taking 80mg daily for about six months now and no longer have cravings. I have no desire to incorporate alcohol back into my life!
    I couldn’t agree more with your comment about Dr. Amanda. I am saddened for all the people suffering with alcohol addiction because they haven’t been in contact with a doctor knowledgeable or willing to prescribe this medication as “off label” for their disease.
    I believe it is my obligation to spread the word about Baclofen and the need for medical treatment, whatever that might look like.
    Thank you for responding. Your English is beautiful! ????

  6. Michele

    Hi! My brother has been an alcoholic for over 35 years and is only around 50 years old. He has been in and out of rehabs all his life. He wants to stop drinking but says that the 12 step program is just not enough. Hence the reason why he always relapses. He is currently detoxing in a rehab. He is homeless, can’t maintain a job, and will probably die very soon if he doesn’t get help. He lives in Chatanooga, TN. I am looking for a doctor or a treatment center, that prescribes Baclofen. If you know of any in that area of TN, please let me know. If not are there any in South FL, NY or NJ please let me know ASAP. Thank you!

  7. TG

    I’m looking for a doctor, in or within five hours of Portland, Ore., who would consider prescribing enough Baclofen to let me try and get to the “switch” dose. I currently have a prescription for 45 MG per day, but the physician is unwilling to go much higher despite very mild symptoms.

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