Latest News: by Dr Amanda Stafford


Berlin. 3rd September 2016. 4.30pm. The results of three big European baclofen studies will be announced in one session of the World Congress for Alcohol and Alcoholism (

Baclofen treating doctors have been waiting a couple of years for this. These studies should put an end to the criticism that there is not enough evidence from large clinical trials to support the use of baclofen for alcohol use disorders.

I’ll be in Berlin for the baclofen session and will post the results on Latest News ASAP. The long wait is nearly over.



  1. Sophie

    Many thanks.

    That has been 4 years now I have been waiting. I had no real alcohol issues but I got so interested by the proposed change of paradigm (indifference duh?). Got onto social network and completely changed my mind about addiction. For the first time there was a proposed cure backed up some serious evidence (scientific publications with no conflict of interests) .

    We so need double blind scientific evidence.

    I have now stopped going onto non-French social networks as it is too excrutiating to read people’s pleadings for their life or the life or their loved one (I will always remember this mother begging for an effective treatment for her son). Of course I tried to propose to consider the baclofen option, but in the NHS social network (UK) posts are blocked by the moderator if it contains the B word….

    Well I know the BBC is geared up to report on the September conference, so there is hope.

    Just wished to say how I admire the work you put in. I think you have really done enormous hard and good amount of work to help addicted patients. Thank you : I am very proud to share this planet with somebody like you.

  2. A new baclofin warrior is now on the planet, I am a 47 year old, 30 year binge drinker average 2 blackouts a week, longest time in abstinence 45 days in 30 years, tried campral, antabuse, AA, Holyoake, this medication has taught me more about my addiction in 10 days than everything else combined, I have no doubt if you want to take alcohol out of your life this will not fail you, the result is simply miraculous, the only side effect somelance( peaceful sleep, which the body adapts to , read Olivier Amierson book, baclofin is a gift from god, if I had not tried it myself I wouldn’t of believed it, as far as I’m concerned this drug will change the world, the only thing stopping it , governments protecting billions in tax revenue, thank you doctor thank you god,,, Dave o

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